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I call him Lovely...

Thought for the DayPosted by Anna Tue, June 03, 2014 16:09:39

I call Him Lovely…

I have a whole bookcase full of books, and within that book case I have at least one shelf full of books that I've bought or been given which I haven’t read yet. I have a bit of a thing for books, love them, so will always buy a few more before I've read all the one’s I have sitting on the shelf! I know not necessarily the best thing to do, but, I am trying to be more disciplined about them, and the other week I decided I needed to get reading again.

I'm sure you all have something that you love to do, but for whatever reason don’t always sit down and do it, maybe it’s because you feel you don’t warrant giving that time up to do something for yourself or you feel genuinely that there isn't any time. God says there is! The book I picked up the other week to read was a Christian fiction book written by Dee Henderson, if you've never read any of her books I highly recommend it. They are a mix of crime, romance and God!

This particular book was about the hunt for a serial killer and the struggle a character (Ann) had to deal with how she was involved as a victim in the crime (along with getting together with a dashing FBI agent on the way!). During the story we hear from lots of different people, their thoughts and feelings. But Ann, regularly took herself off for walks and time alone. What we find out as the story develops is that during those times she was talking to ‘Lovely’. When we first hear the name, there’s a secretive air about it. What or who is Lovely? Why does Ann talk to Lovely? Does Lovely talk back? Why does she always take herself off to talk to Lovely?

As you get towards the end of the book, you discover that Lovely, is a very personal name that Ann has given to God to help her on her journey. To help with those hard conversations, to enable her to bring God into all that is going on her life and tell him everything.

How easy do you find it to talk to God about everything? Do you connect better with God when you take yourself off into a certain environment? Do you have a special name for God?

God encourages us to have a personal relationship with him, to tell him about our day, our thoughts, fears, excitement and anger. To be totally real with him about where we are at, he might know the answers to the questions already, but he still wants to hear you talk to him. He still wants you to come to him and tell him you've had a rubbish day, just so he can make it all better.

Hearing about this name ‘Lovely’ really got me thinking about how and when I talk to God. When Danny comes in from work we always ask each other how our day went and spend some time sharing the struggles and highlights we may have faced. I might chat to God in some form most days, but do I daily let him know how my day has gone and talk it through with him…? Probably not every day, I wonder how much richer my relationship with God would be if I did do that every day? Where I gave a proper in depth outpouring of how my day REALLY went, not a skirt around the edge discussion.

I always chat to God about where I would like Living Colour and uC Grace to go, things that didn't work, may work in the future, or what I would like to try. But I don’t have the same conversation style about me as an individual, because I usually consider it not to be of value. God doesn't think that though. He wants to know me as a person, an individual. Who I am, makes up what I do with Living Colour and uC Grace, so therefore I should be sharing where I am as a person.

How do you have a personal relationship with God? What does your ‘Lovely’ look like?

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