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Never Once did we ever walk alone: Never Once part four

TeachingPosted by Anna Thu, September 26, 2013 09:55:05

We’re nearing the end of the Never Once series and today we’re focusing on the fact that we never walk alone. How many times have you been on a path but felt that there was no one around you to support you?

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Joshua 1.3

Our lives are sometimes hard to navigate, there’s ‘the’ path that we need to go down, but it’s very hard to keep on that. On Friday we did an exercise that emphasised this fact, how ‘blind’ we can be when we try to walk the right path alone and how different it feels when there is someone there with you.

One at a time we had to travel across the space in front of us, with our eyes closed, by only treading on the stepping stones (these were funky shapes I use when I teach children, more on that next week). The rest of the group couldn't make contact with the person travelling across the space until they had seen the person had made a little way across the stones. The idea was then, that the group would come around them and guide them across the stones.

Now in the group I was in, I offered to go first, I soon realised I had got completely off track as I ended up by a wall and I knew there were no stepping stones by a wall, so I then tried to find my way back to stones with not much success. By this point I must have been roughly ‘half way’ down the path and the rest of the group should have been already around me and supporting me. However, they weren't! They were rather enjoying the fact that I was completely off course and getting quite frustrated, so I think the response was to take pictures of that fact! When however, the group did come in and guide me, the feeling of confusion and frustration about where I should be going went.

To navigate those stones on your own and make sure that you were on them was hard, you are in a losing battle before you've got under way. But when someone is there to support you, lead you and guide you. You do not have to worry. That is how God wants to lead us; there are times when our path just won’t seem to go right, despite the amount of effort that we use to try to make it right. The only solution therefore is to let God do the leading, he will find the good and perfect way, but we have to allow him to do that.

This was just a simple way for each of us to identify and really feel what it’s like when we walk alone, but that’s not what God wants. He is not a deserter, he is supporter, someone who stays and never leaves.

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