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Hello! I’m Anna Gilderson a dancer, choreographer and teacher. With a passion for encouraging, growing and releasing others to have fun, be who they are and use their creativity.
Dance and movement is at the heart of what I do. It’s an excellent form of communication that crosses boundaries and cultures and talks about things that people may find hard to. I try to cross some of those boundaries in the work that I do.
Living Colour Creative is about my desire to develop, share and expand the work I do with uC Grace and my daily life. There are so many times in life where we let things pass us by, rather than realising what’s there! We should be expectant for the things to come, expectant that God will move.
My biggest passion is combining my love for dance and movement with my love for faith, challenging people’s journey’s, encouraging them to draw closer to God.

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Kneeling on this Battleground: Never Once part two

TeachingPosted by Anna Tue, September 24, 2013 07:49:52
Part two of the Never Once series encourages us to Kneel on the Battleground. But what does that mean?

Kneeling on this battleground

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.’ 2 Timothy 4.7

In any given day, or week or month, there will always be some form of battle that we face, some more hard than others, but all ones that require more energy than usual. We cannot get through a battle on our own; we need a helper, God. Who, when we are kneeling, can pick us up and help us to walk again.

Kneeling can sometimes indicate two things – that we have given up or that we realise we can’t do it alone. Sometimes when that battle gets too strong the reaction is to drop, withdraw, give up, go small. I prefer to consider that when that happens it’s us surrendering and accepting that only God can get us through the battle field and by kneeling we are giving the battle to him and asking him to finish it for us.

Think about what battles you have faced or are facing? What has God done for you or is doing for you? At the workshop, participants wrote down responses onto a post-it and placed it on a red flag. Jesus’ blood, through Him he can take everything away.

We need to accept that we have been or are currently going through battles, but thank God that he was, and is there through them. To really cement this knowledge, find a space (it doesn't have to be big!) and create a movement that signifies how you felt or were before the battle got fully under way. Then create a movement that signifies how you felt or were at the end of the battle (or where you are now if it’s still going on). Finally look to link the two movements together with other movements that reflect the journey you have had in the middle.

This is your battle dance. This is you accepting that you kneel on your battleground and give the battle to God.

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