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Challenge Saturday - Hands

Thought for the DayPosted by Anna Sat, October 03, 2015 13:18:06
Hands are something we are constantly using, sometimes without even realising it! But are your hands always used for the good of others?

Hands can mould, crush, clap, tap, break, carry, push, pull, stroke, hold, comfort, knit, clasp, mend and much more. Some of those actions can be used negatively and not in a way that would build up, strengthen and grow someone. Do you think about what you do with your hands? Everything is a movement, however big or small it maybe. Whilst it is obvious that hands alone can not make some of the movements happen, but, the hands are the visible thing that we can see.

Much like as Christians, you might say you have a good heart, but people can't see that, they see what you do, how you act and what you say. We'll think about the things that initiate our hands to move at another time.

The challenge I want to put out there today is for you to consider the movements your hands make as you go through the things you do today. You'll soon realise that the actions you are making will provide you with a wealth of new movements that you can incorporate into your dancing.

For example, today I have typed, peeled apples, lifted my daughter, pushed a buggy and clapped, to name a few! Translating this into movement could be something like -

- Rippling fingers moving left and right

- A cupped hand and the other one opening and closing on top of it

- Palms spread wide facing inwards and raising hands upwards

- Hands at hip height pushing hands away and leaning top half of body away at same time.

- Clappings pretty self explanatory!

So enjoy exploring new movements with your hands and let me know how you get on!

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