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Days 28 - 30: We're now at the end!

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Wed, October 01, 2014 12:28:00

Where has the month of September gone? It’s the 1st October, and I'm sitting bathed in sunshine streaming from my little window in my study and wondering how long this glorious weather is going to last for! Before I chat more about how you've found your Gratitude month, let me bring you up to speed with my final few gratitude’s!

Day 28 – Conkers

Who has memories of conkers when they were younger? Where I used to live when I grew up, we had several conker trees at the top of road and my brothers and I (I have 3 :-)!) would traipse up the road and scavenge underneath the trees to find the best ones. Either so we could drill holes in them, put them on a string and play conker wars or just so we could see how many we could collect. One year we also managed to plant them and watch them grow into little trees in tub in a garden.

This year I noticed that there were loads of conkers trees near where I live and in the September sunshine I couldn't resist regressing back to my childhood and collect some. Admittedly I couldn't do a lot of bending down, so Danny had to do a lot of it for me, I did however shake the trees and watch with glee as they all dropped down.

It was great to remember those memories and begin making new ones, there was another motive to collect conkers and that’s to keep spiders away!

Days 29 – Prayer

Last week I spoke about the patience needed to trust God with Dannys career in the RAF, how we had had to be patient with the many different changes that came our way. Today I am grateful that we have the capacity to pray, to keep praying and knowing that God listens and cares about where we are life and what is going to happen. He wants the best for us no matter what and His timing is perfect.

It’s amazing to see prayers answered and mountains moved, but we need to continue to be prayerful and trust God with what is to come.

Day 30 – God is Faithful

Yesterday we had received some really good news about the next stage of our move and Dannys posting and were so grateful to people who had been praying. Today however, was a hard day and the good news of yesterday seem to come crashing down.

When you have a day that seems to be so full of negativity it’s hard sometimes to see the positives through it. However what we cling to and we need to remember is that our God is Faithful no matter what.


So our 30 Days of Gratitude are now at end. How have you found it? I found it challenging to always try and recognise things that I am grateful for and verbalise it in some way. I am sure we are all good at thinking in our heads about the things that have gone well and what we want to be thankful for. But to mark it down, or say it out loud sometimes takes a bit more thought.

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