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Days 20 - 27: 30 Days of Gratitude.

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Sat, September 27, 2014 16:16:11

Day 20 - 5 smooth stones
Sometime ago whilst reading I came across something called ‘5 smooth stones’. These are 5 Bible verses that you hold on to no matter what is going on and are the bits of Gods word that you can cling to to keep going because you them so well.

I was reminded today of my 5 smooth stones and how grateful I am that there is Gods word to turn to when things seem a bit rough. Here are mine…

Deuteronomy 33.27
Joshua 1.3
Psalm 12.6
Psalm 32.8
Ephesians 6.10-18

What would you pick as your 5 smooth stones to help you keep going when things get tough?

Day 21 - God’s Grace Provides
At church today the sermon spoke about how God’s grace provides in all circumstances, but sometimes the devil will try and get in and take what has been given to us away. Many times when I’ve feel there’s been a step forward with uC Grace or as a couple with Danny, negativity or something difficult has followed straight away. What has got us through those moments is knowing that God’s grace is above all that the devil tries to put in our way, and we need to stand our ground to not let him win.

Day 22 - Breath
I did a lot of driving today and there seemed to be a running theme amongst the songs that were appearing on shuffle, they were all about breath and breathing, ‘breathe on me breath of God’.

When we think about the life God has given us and his desire to always support and be there for us, how we act and move in our day to day life can affect how of God we have within us. Think of it like this, when we breathe we can breathe in lots of different ways, to fulfill the needs of oxygen needed within our body. Allowing God to fulfill our needs can be done in the same way. When we choose to take short shallow breaths we are not allowing much of God to get inside us, but if we take long, deep breaths that really sink into our very core, we can allow God to encompass us, fill us, and keep us going.

Do you breath God in deeply or shallowly? With the prospect of a few more changes ahead of me I pretty sure I was at the stage of taking short, shallow breaths, but today reminded me that I need to slow down, and inhale slowly and let God do the rest!

Day 23 - Helping hand
On Friday I have Dannys graduation from Air Crewman training and I have to go dressed up! It’s been a bit of nightmare trying to find something to wear and I was taking yet another thing back to New Look that didn’t fit in the hope that I could order a smaller size and it would all be sorted. There was no other size, and I got a bit upset (I blame it on pregnancy hormones), however it was a very kind lady that was serving and she disappeared off around the shop to look in the ‘normal’ clothes to see if she could find something that fitted me instead. She came back with something that was perfect. I was so grateful that she took the time to help me, check things fitted and offer advice on future things I may be trying to find.

I don’t know about your experiences with shop assistants, but they are not always this accommodating, but what this lady did made my day whole lot better and I finally had a complete outfit!!

Day 24 - Laughter
For the next month or so I’ve taken on the task of choreographing for the local village panto, Sleeping Beauty. Tonight was the first rehearsal with the cast. It reminded me so much of my time during Peace Child, particularly the shock horror look of adults when they realise that they have got to dance! This particular evening I was teaching movements for the Finale song - ‘Reach’ from S club 7. It was great to see the adults get stuck in to it, and there was so much laughter, and that’s what I am grateful for, laughter got me through the rehearsals and I wouldn’t definitely say that laughter got the adults through as well!

Day 25 - Young People
On a Thursday night I have my youth work job on the local RAF base, tonight was one of our busiest nights seeing 14 people come to the club. I realise for some of you who run youth clubs you might not think thats much, but when the average is 5/6 it’s something worth celebrating!

We were making scotch pancakes and having a general hang out session, there was more drama than I have ever known between some of the friendship groups, so i was grateful to be able to be there and share with them and amongst them my experiences.

Day 26 - Patience
Today was a very proud day, a celebration of something that has been long awaited. My husband finally graduated from his Air Crewman course at RAF Shawbury. This was a course that he was meant to complete 4 years ago! But due to reviews and re-shuffling done with the military the course kept being put back.

Sometimes with things in life, you want them to happen in your own timeline and at a particular time, however the reality is that God has different agenda to timings and the thing is to be patient to trust that those timings will come to fruition.

I’m grateful that I have been able to support Danny to get this far, grateful that we’ve persisted with having patience with the RAF (very difficult sometimes) and we hope that we can continue to apply that patience as we now move onto the next stage of our life. At the moment that’s being patient for a house to move in to before Danny starts at his new base, Odiham, in November!

Day 27 - Family Time
The day after the night before! Yesterday was such a special day and I felt such a privilege to support Danny. Today I am grateful for something I have already chatted about during this gratitude journey, and that is family time, but in particular two families coming together to celebrate something special that someone has achieved and unanimously offer their support.


We are so very nearly at the end of the Gratitude Journey, how have you found it? I do hope it has helped you become more aware of things around you and the things that you do. There are just 3 more days of it left (where on earth has September gone), so enjoy it and keep sharing!!!

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