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More Than Enough - Friday Dance

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Sat, September 20, 2014 12:38:11

So last Saturday was our dance day in Watford – Sharing a Passion, Generating Creativity – it was an amazing day watching God work amongst the participants and seeing each one of us grow closer to God with our faith.

There are loads of highlights from the day that can be spoken about, but the thing that I am going to pick out to discuss here is the dance that we did as a group called ‘Can’t Stop Singing.’ The whole theme was about God giving us More Than Enough, More Than Enough.

I led the day with Jo Littledyke from Soul Survivor Watford Dance, and as we were planning we really sensed that the day was all about joy, and celebrating. Celebrating what God has done, will do and that he is always there.

This song was about drawing on those emotions, it goes from exploring individually the grace that God gives us, to moving in groups and recognising that he can provide and sustain us through it all. before entering into a time of moving together and saying that the Lord is the Redeemer.

If any of you know Soul Survivor Watford, you will know that there warehouse is equipped with some pretty special lights. On Saturday, a guy called Matt had very kindly given up his time and said that he would come and do the sound and lighting for the day. This added a whole new layer to watching God move amongst the participants.

You will notice the video seems really dark to begin with, it was hard to get the right light, but once the dance gets going you will recognise that there are other roaming lights that happen across the space. We decided to experiment, and at point in the dance when it seems like the dance has finished the lights go out, but then they come back on. We wanted to portray and feel a real sense of yes God is here, he always gives us more than enough and the result of that is that we can’t stop singing and we can’t stop moving!

It’s really hard to describe the feelings and atmosphere that the dance brought, all we know is that God was there and it was awesome to dance in his presence!

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