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Day 19 #30daysofgratitude - The View

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Fri, September 19, 2014 17:19:01

Most of my working week is spent in what we call the box room, basically the smallest bedroom and it’s at the back of the house.

There are many days when I get distracted somewhat when working in the room. Distractions can be technology related but more often than not they are to do with what I can see and hear from the window.

My work area is right by the window and I look out onto our garden and can also see the little cul-de-sac that backs onto that too. Taking up the majority of the view space from the window is a large tree, and increasingly I am seeing birds hopping in and about and landing on it. As well as this there is usually the noise of the helicopters in the back ground.

Today I was struck by a birdy that seemed to have stopped in the tree (I am sorry I don’t know what sort of bird it was, couldn’t quite see!). It looked like it was trying out every branch to see which one was good enough to stay on for a bit, it then flew away.

It’s been lovely to watch the tree, change shape through the season, drip water when it’s rained and blow in the wind, as well as be home to various sorts of wildlife.

What struck me was, how often do we want to try out lots of different things before either settling for the first thing we found or the last things we find? God doesn’t want us to ‘settle’ for second best. He wants us to have the best, but he also wants us to trust and follow his pathway, rather than trying out lots of different one’s along the way.

I am grateful that every day I look out on the tree and see the changes, and know the changes that are happening to that tree are for its best interest. The changes that happen in our life, although sometimes hard are the best things, because God wants us only to have the best!

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