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Where will you go?

The BeginningPosted by Anna Fri, April 26, 2013 22:15:14
I have recently been challenged about something I said a long time ago, in my youth as one might say. Why now have I been challenged you may ask? Well, I think it's all to do with trying to work out the pathway forward. Some say the most exciting time in your life is getting married. Which I couldn't agree more with, i have so many memories of that fabulous time. But I think, in almost a contradiction to that, something even more exciting begins and comes afterwards. Two months ago I got married, moved about 40 miles and put myself in a new and completely different environment. One, that has been hard to adjust too, and I still am. In doing so I had to acknowledge that the work I was doing couldn't continue, at least not in the pattern that it currently was. My confusion was determining what the new pattern should be and how that should work. An answer I realised, wasn't going to be readily available. I find myself swinging each week thinking I've just about made that decision and then something else comes up which makes the decision swing in the opposite direction. But the one thing that keeps popping into my head, is this phrase that I said all those years ago. Still pulling at me, tugging at me, reminding me. 'You said you would go, wherever I wanted you too.' How is this more exciting than getting married I hear you say? Come on my journey and find out.

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