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Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, September 12, 2014 16:52:15

Well I haven’t put on a Friday Dance in a while, so this week’s one is a bit of a treat. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of teaching a dance day based on the theme of ‘Butterflies of Beauty’ (you may have heard me chat a little bit about this before), and the day was so much more than I expected it to be. But then again it always ends up like that!

The journey for the day was to explore the life cycle of a butterfly in terms of our own walks with God. We looked at how when it’s an egg, it’s pure and blameless and free from sin, so we spent some time thinking about the sin we currently have in our lives and what it feel likes to remove that off of ourselves and move in a much freer way. Different things were written down onto a piece of paper, which was danced on and folded each time, later on during a prayer response time participants were invited to shred that piece of paper as a symbol that they were completely getting rid of those things that had held them back.

The second stage was all about the caterpillar, a caterpillar has to eat and eat and eat to get all that it needs to sustain itself, it’s priority is to eat and grow! Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it! In our lives, Gods word is just like that, God wants to us to read and read and read, take on board and condense what it says. We did this through exploring some verses that can be the foundation of our relationship with God, ones that always come back to the fact that God loves us no matter what and that He has so much love for us!

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.’ Colossians 2.6-7

When the caterpillar goes into a chrysalis it undergoes a transformation, it is made new, reformed. God gives us some very special promises in the Bible that more often than not we forget, or ignore or don’t really take on board. In this section I wanted each of the participants to realise the significance of the things that God has promised and won’t ever take away.

‘I give you a Royal Crown…You are part of precious family… I gave you life… Your dreams do matter. I carry your burdens… I know your name… You are Royalty… You have a purpose… I love you as you are… I have taken your sin… My blood was shed for you… I catch every tear… My arms will protect you… I care all the time… You are my precious child... Always shine like the star I made you.’

Out of the chrysalis comes a beautiful butterfly, which God just wants to fly the way he made it to fly. This week’s dance is an amalgamation of all the knowledge that the participants drew on in the morning and celebrates the journey that they went on then and are still going to go on as they begin to grow and fly more. The song ‘Create in Me’ by Rend Collective sums it up completely.

PS You'll have to excuse the shakey hands, I didn't want to miss out some of the group work, but couldn't pick it all out if I left the camera on the tripod!

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