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Day 7 #30daysofgratitude - Sunshine.

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Sun, September 07, 2014 20:32:14

It’s always around this time of year, when the children head back to school and you might have the chance to enjoy the sun a bit more, that the weather can get more than a little iffy. Well, when I say iffy, what I mean is, the clouds roll in, the sun isn’t so bright and we have to more or less say goodbye to flip flops and shorts and hello to a proper jumper and shoes.

However to my delight over the past few days, the weather has held steady and been more than a little warm, and today we have had a lot of sunshine. One thing I love to do when the sun is out, is make the most of the garden, our chairs and table and sit outside to do the various things on my to do list.

Today I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do just that, we have been blessed by a lovely sized garden in Shawbury (which Im pretty sure we won’t get when we move again next) and it was great today to still be able to sit out just like in summer, have friends round and have some tea and cake (cake always has to feature!) and make the most of the late afternoon sun. Danny even had to get his sunglasses and I had to find a hat, it was that bright and that hot!

Now, as the sun is deciding to slowly slip away, I am still making the most of God’s wonderful creation, the sun and am sitting outside enjoying as much of the last rays as I can whilst I type this. Tomorrow I hit the ground the running, with my focus shifting to our next dance day, next weekend at Soul Survivor Watford with the lovely Jo Littledyke and our workshops happening in Guildford on the 15th and 16th September.

We’re at the end of the first week of 30 Days of Gratitude. How are you all doing? Are you finding time to acknowledge, share and pass on what you are grateful for?

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