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Dance Retreat Highlights.

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, May 02, 2014 15:07:56

One week on from the retreat and I have had the pleasure of reading the rest of the testimonies, evaluations and trawling through lots of photos and videos. So much happened for us to celebrate, in reality the photos and videos really don’t do it justice. But hopefully they capture enough to give you all an idea of the journey that went on.

We’ll never fully know the depth of how God worked in each person, lots of seeds may have been sown, but when they choose to flower is all in Gods timing.

We began the weekend exploring the Stepping Stones of truth, specific things that God says to us from the Bible. Before moving on to put the things behind us that can cause a hindrance and standing on Gods cornerstone. Other areas we explored were, Gods love, praying, painting and moving, refreshing our dry bones, wearing Gods crown, plaiting prayers into one strong strand. As well as the opportunity to dance outside, around the centre and have quiet time in a prayer room.

Another retreat is on the cards but in 2016, we hope you can join us on that journey, but, before then enjoy this years highlights.

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