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Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus

Thought for the DayPosted by Anna Mon, April 28, 2014 17:19:33

We are post retreat one day and I am sure some participants are feeling rather different being home than being in a group and dancing 24/7. God came in massive waves over the weekend and dealt with some deep stuff in each person. There are some lovely testimonies, great photos and videos, and over time that will all be shared.

But my heart today is about when God comes and moves in us, and recognising that the time afterwards is just as crucial as praying through the time in the moment that God was moving. Satan has the habit of creeping in and trying to steal what God has mended or started to do in us. Over the next few days and weeks, we need to continue to keeping praying protection over the participants and encouraging God to be the centre of their lives no matter what.

Have you ever been away to a Christian camp – Soul Survivor, Momentum, New Wine, Spring Harvest, youth camp, or somewhere where you have been immersed into this faith atmosphere 24/7? The period of time afterwards can almost seem boring. There aren't different conversations to be had, new experiences and in essence this never ending bubble that helps to keep us engaged with God and the journey that we are going on.

But when we are home, there isn't any of that, we have the term after a youth camp I've led on in the summer of the young people getting ‘post camp blues’. Those first few days after camp are sometimes the hardest. You’re suddenly back at home and ‘on your own’ with you faith or that’s how it feels.

‘fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith’ Hebrews 12.2

But God calls us to keep our eyes fixed on him, and in the coming moments that might seem hard and possibly ‘not as fun’ because you’re not with a group of people and able to physically express the feeling that maybe inside. I want to pray for each person that came on the retreat that they still find those moments that they had at the weekend and not let Satan step in and have his way. Cling to who Jesus is and what he has done to you individually and what he wants to continue to do in you.

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