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Prayer Storm

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, April 18, 2014 10:58:34

Prayer Storm.

It’s Good Friday! Whilst working out what video I should do for today, I couldn't quite make my mind up. I haven’t had the time to create a dance that would give the meaning of today justice, and I also didn’t have any spare footage that I could put something together with. Then I came across the video below and I knew that’s what I had to include and talk about.

I find it amazing how people use technology to communicate; yes sometimes we can be bound by technology and the need to always be on our phones, tablets, computers etc. But also technology allows us to get a powerful message across. As I watched this video I was curious as to who had made it and followed the link to the Prayer Storm website.

I'm pretty sure I've heard of Prayer Storm before, but never looked up any information about it. As I begin to have a nose around the sight, I recognised that God was starting to speak to me. This week I've been offered a job on the RAF Shawbury base as a sessional youth worker. Going back to grass roots shall we say, and when I was telling a friend earlier in the week, she spoke about how God brings us full circle sometimes.

I began in youth work and from youth work uC Grace began, although I had always maintained contact with young people, the nitty gritty youth work or meeting with a group of people week in and week out I hadn't done for a long time. I have to admit I am bit daunted about going back into it, but when that’s all that’s been given up here, I have to accept that God has a plan in it.

Prayer Storm in a nutshell is a movement of radical worship and intercession crying out to God for a great awakening in our City and Nation (they are based in Manchester). They believe that intercession is more caught than taught and their events act as a catalyst for young people to capture a new zeal for prayer.

There is short video on there where James Aladiran talks about how Prayer Storm came about and has developed since 2009. As I sat and listened I was reminded about what I had written on the website about what my heart was and why I was doing what I doing –

Anna's prayer is that people are impacted, educated, and aware of the love God has for them, and that we can be a passionate, creative, praying generation that seeks to serve God and eagerly step out to do new things. For just, by one stepping out, it can create a chain reaction for others to follow.

It made me smile, it made me really recognise that God does bring things full circle, and the next season of my life and uC Grace may involve young people more or it may not. But I am excited to know what is ahead. Sometimes I get so caught up in life that I feel my prayers don’t really happen, but the heart of it is that I will continue to be passionate about prayer, passionate about dance and prayer, and passionate about developing a generation that want to do the same.

You can read more about Prayer Storm here - and if you are about and want to head to one of their events. Let me know!


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