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Thought for the DayPosted by Anna Sun, March 23, 2014 18:54:03

Imagine this…

You are going about your journey of life and find that you have come to a cliff crossing, with a sheer drop below, there’s a gap to cross to the next cliff, but it’s just a bit bigger than what you can jump or get across on your own.

You can’t turn back, the only pathway you need is straight ahead, but there isn’t a way forward yet… Bashed into the ground is a small sign that says your name and the following words –

‘… a way across will arrive for you shortly, wait here.’

There were no time scales on this sign just that the way forward will be presented at some point. To begin with you assume that the way forward is going to arrive shortly (i.e. quickly), simply because of the personalised sign and that it looked shiny and new. So you seem to hover and not really do anything. Time goes by however, and the shiny sign starts to dull and you begin to wonder whether there will ever be a way forward.

After an amount of time, items begin to arrive, that enable the way forward to be built, and the gap between the two cliffs that seemed unsurpassable begins to look strong and firm. But you’ve waited all this time for the way forward to be put there, that to finally walk forward, trust the bridge, and cross the cliffs seems quite scary. So tentatively you start to walk your journey again, with your steps becoming bigger, firmer, and more confident the more you walked.

I wonder how this story or analogy may echo a connection with your life? Many of us will know the phrase ‘wait’. In 1 Kings 18.1, Elijah had to wait for word from the Lord, 3 years, that’s a long time. Sometimes God makes us wait, and that’s a good thing, we have to recognise that our journey in life is all in Gods timing.

Part of being on our journey is allowing God to use our circumstances where ever they are to produce and help special ministries. Don’t stand at the point in your journey where you are waiting for the crossing over the cliff and not do anything. Serve a God of today, not tomorrow. Yes, you might have to wait longer than you thought to move on in the journey, but make every bit count, be an ambassador, and shine your light.

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