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Living Colour Creative

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Hello! I’m Anna Gilderson a dancer, choreographer and teacher. With a passion for encouraging, growing and releasing others to have fun, be who they are and use their creativity.
Dance and movement is at the heart of what I do. It’s an excellent form of communication that crosses boundaries and cultures and talks about things that people may find hard to. I try to cross some of those boundaries in the work that I do.
Living Colour Creative is about my desire to develop, share and expand the work I do with uC Grace and my daily life. There are so many times in life where we let things pass us by, rather than realising what’s there! We should be expectant for the things to come, expectant that God will move.
My biggest passion is combining my love for dance and movement with my love for faith, challenging people’s journey’s, encouraging them to draw closer to God.

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Healing Rain

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Sun, February 23, 2014 21:41:47

Rain has featured a lot over the past couple of months and not necessarily in a positive light. I just want to take a moment to chat about how a deluge a ‘rain’ can be positive! We’ve seen rain and water overflow into fields, farms, streets, people’s homes, businesses and much more and caused lots of destruction and damage. With people and businesses displaced and crops ruined.

Imagine if there was a flood in your life, not an actual ‘water’ or necessarily visible flood. But a spiritual flood of God. How would you receive it? What would you do? Sometimes you can get to such a place of dryness that the only way out is to be flooded, flooded with Gods power and Holy Spirit. We don’t always want the floods though, they have to come on our terms, when we want and when we are ready.

God however, allows things to happen in his timing, sometimes the floods need to come in order to release more of what is to come.

Healing rain is falling down
Healing rain is falling down
I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid

So I want to say to you, let the rain come! Let it swamp you, overcome you, heal you and release you to be even more of the precious person that God has made you to be.

I took a chance and stepped out into the rain the other week and danced, I encountered more rain than wind and couldn’t quite get to my intended place to dance due to too many Southern Electric and Scottish Power vans repairing the electricity that had gone out! However, there was something quite satisfying about taking this song and dancing outside. God wants you to receive the words and for you to say ‘I’m not afraid’.

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