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Hope is Dawning

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, November 29, 2013 12:21:48

Hope is Dawning 29.11.13

Today, on a cold but rather lovely November morning I headed into my garden here at Bushey to film today’s Friday dance. It’s the last one at this house before I move on Monday and so I felt it important to spend some time dancing, thanking God for his provision of all that has gone on in the house and what he has spoken about, but also a blessing for all the new things that are to come.

The song ‘Hope is Dawning’ by Aaron Keyes is a lovely and descriptive way of putting your heart forward to open up what God has before you. I have yet another new adventure ahead of me, I have no idea what next week will bring, but I hope you will continue to be on the adventure with me.

Whenever God turns chapters of a book you don’t know what will come next, he always wants the best for you and part of believing is trusting and having faith that God will be there when you need him most. My heart at the moment is that the heavens will open and we will see some of the magnificent glory that God has, and we will see it everywhere. As God moulds and grows us we take a while to become ‘smooth and rounded’; most of the time we have jagged edges, people, events, hopes, dreams, problems and more, sticking out or still consuming us in our life. We never have to come before God with all of that sorted, he allows us to come as we are and as he grows and moulds us he will smooth those edges to the perfection that they deserve. Just like the water in the seas and rivers do to rocks over time, they are worn down and different aspects of their beauty shine through, it’s not instant, it takes time.

As December is on the horizon (scary I know!) this about what Hope you have dawning and what that means to you. What is it that makes you smile and keeps you going so you can get that much closer to heaven?

This will be the last Friday dance for a couple of weeks, so I can pack up and unpack the other end. The next video will be one celebrating all that has gone on this year. There is so much to be thankful for and it truly is amazing to see how far God has brought us and all the truths and promises he has kept.

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