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Peace: Seeing Jesus

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, November 22, 2013 16:00:17

I had so many smiles making this dance; I just want to keep replaying it constantly, because God is smiling through the dancers so much. The little glimpses you get of expressions on their faces are priceless, God is so desperate to move with them and grow them into who they are. It really is priceless, couldn’t be replicated, bought, or sold. It’s great just the way it is!

Following on from last week’s dance (I know I've been a bit quiet recently, I’ll post shortly about why that’s been) about Love and how we moved together at the last workshop. There were two other exercises that we did; one involved writing our own Psalm and the other responding to a verse about Peace that dancers had picked.

When dancers were given a selection of verses about Peace they were asked to pick one that seemed relevant to them, either something that they needed to acknowledge or something else that God had been speaking to them about. From there they devised 3 simple movements, one on the high level, one on the medium and one on the low level, and linked them together to form a continuous sequence. I then encouraged them to try and take the sequence and travel it around the room, so it didn't stay stationary as just a series of linked movements. This was about something that was speaking to them personally and so they needed to make it as relevant as they could to themselves. Once they had done this, as a slightly different response to normal they took their movements and danced them over others as a blessing, a sign of sharing and passing on what God can say and do.

The other exercise led by the wonderful Pam, involved reading part of Psalm 95 (verses 1-3) and Psalm 46 as inspiration to write our own Psalm, where we wanted to share where we were at and the joy that trusting God can bring.

This week’s Friday dance really brings Jesus to the centre, God gives us his Peace to share, relieve stress and to pass on to others our experiences and what we believe. As someone whose taught and shared with these ladies, I praise God for the way that he works in them and for them being released to try new and different things, trusting God more and more. My prayer is that as I share, they in turn will share God’s peace with others and allow Jesus to be seen through them.

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