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Friday's DancePosted by Anna Mon, November 18, 2013 13:16:15

At the last Living Colour SEED workshop for this year we picked up in a bit more depth some of the different exercises we have done over the year and at the CDFB conference. The theme was ‘Love, Peace, Joy’. There were three topics we wanted to explore within this –

· Love: Our love for God and Gods love for us, and how we follow him through this.

· Peace: The relieving of stress and letting God lead.

· Joy: Energy and Celebration that God give us.

This week’s Friday’s dance is going to share a bit more about the ‘Love’ section that we had and next week will look at Peace.

Similar to Outrageous Grace participants initially explored love through working in pairs and responding to a ‘pair’ of words. We used these pairs of words; comforter and strong, clasp and release, carry and catch, squeeze and draw. Although each pair worked individually to explore these words, the movements that they came up with had a striking similarity that it was clear that God was working through them.

From this point we started to try and experiment something different. One person in the pair started to dance how they felt led and the other person had to follow what they were doing to the best of the ability. We were however trying to get away from following them like a mirror, instead the aim was to be in another space in the room doing the movements that their partner was doing. This was progressed to working in 4s before we finally did it as one big group, where there were a few instructions given out.

The beauty of it was watching a dance unfold through such a simple exercise. The dance shows some of the exercise that we did. There was lots of laughter and I did have to edit out of the film a moment where two got over enthusiastic when working with their partner and they ended up on the floor!

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