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Sharper than a Sword

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Thu, November 14, 2013 23:19:37

So I actually managed to upload this video at the beginning of the week, but never got round to writing a blog to go along side it! So you are likely to get a bit of a double whammy this week.

In the summer during our Outrageous Grace intensive we spent some time using Gods word to really get our teeth into some movements. Working in pairs and trios we ran through creating movement that had to maintain contact with the others in the group as much as possible, by one being more the leader and the other following. Using words such as; push and pull, stretch and drop hold and clasp dancers were encouraged to explore ways of moving that they didn’t usually do specifically related to those words. From there they picked out various words that had made more of an impact whilst they were moving and created a very short sequence.

We had spent some time looking at a passage in James 2, which encourages us to step out with our faith and think about how we demonstrate who we are and what we do. For many of these dancers to allow someone to lead and determine the movements completely without having any control themselves was extremely hard, much like our relationship with God can be sometimes, there’s always a little something being held back.

However, there is power in choosing to dance out and explore what Gods word means to you; this is just another example of how you can do it. Once you've found your starting point, just let God flow!

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