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Watching what you share grow

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, October 18, 2013 20:01:27

It seemed right having touched upon the simplicity of sharing yesterday that this week’s Friday dance should continue that theme of sharing. But sharing with regards to seeing how through sharing people can grow. This week’s video contains a snapshot of each year since 2009 and how the people in each of the small clips have gone from strength to strength, some people you will see come up more than once, and it really made me smile to look back and see where some of them have come from to where they are now.

I recognise that people you may share with may come and go and some will remain. Just because they go, doesn’t mean that what you shared with them is any less than for a person who remained. Let me give some background to each of the bits in the dance.

2009 – Introduction to Worship Dance – Church of the Holy Spirit Burpham

This really was an introduction, whilst I was at Springs Dance Company we had to do a little ‘project’ of some sort and I really wanted to explore how worship dance could be introduced into a church where there was none. So I devised a short 4 week project that would offer a workshop each week to children through to adults. It wasn’t easy, there weren’t many sign-ups generally and for one of the children’s workshops I had to cancel it, however, there were a couple of persistent adults who simply wanted to explore getting moving. The movements that you see in the video are a little sequence they learnt and manage to put in place after the 4 weeks. I learnt a lot and really confirmed in me, that that is what I wanted to do. To try and introduce, share and encourage dance inside and outside of the church to do with faith.

2010 – The first Amazing Grace course

In 2010, I officially launched uC Grace and the Living Colour the church strand of uC Grace. I felt particularly led to develop a course that not only enabled people to have an introduction to worship dance that covered movement, biblical foundation and dance technique, but also that it ran during the period of lent. Hence why Amazing Grace, the fact that what Jesus did for us was amazing. The small snippet you see is of understanding how they could travel with movement across a space rather than standing still.

2011 – Living Colour Workshop

By 2011, my one off Live Colour workshops had developed into once a month sessions. This particular video that you see was taken during one of the workshops where we explored trusting God, what that felt like in our every day and what it meant to us personally.

2012 – ‘Being Ready’ the 1st Summer Intensive

This was very exciting, the church that I originally ran an introduction to (Church of Holy Spirit, Burpham) runs a summer event called Free and For Nothing, where as a church they put on a series of activity mornings at the local green, all and all for nothing. We took three evenings to explore the armour of God and the effect that time and age can have and then took a small performance to the community event and shared it.

2012 – Prelude to the Peace Child musical

This seems so long ago, but it was this time last year that rehearsals were just beginning to get properly going. I was given the privilege to help direct and choreograph for the musical. Part of this role meant developing a ‘prelude’ a small dance section right at the beginning of the show that in essence gave a whistle stop tour of particular events in the Bible. This particular section that you see is part of the last section, where Jesus gave his life for us.

2013 – ‘Outrageous Grace’ the 2nd Summer Intensive

By now we are at a point where some people have been attending events for 3 years and I can clearly see how God has developed them. This year’s summer intensive was all about stepping out in your faith, having the courage to be outrageous and declare what you believe. Part of this process was exploring moving and dancing together in response to a stimulus, dancing with paint and moving outside on the top of an awesome hill.

God always guides us to reveal where we should be, who we should talk, and how we should live and move.

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