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Celebrating the Good Times

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, October 11, 2013 16:48:53

Have been a bit quieter on the blog this week as we are now gearing up to plans for next year and evaluating how this year has gone. There has been some great feedback, lots of reminiscing with videos and photos, and lots of excitement about next year.

Last weekend a group of us headed to the CDFB (Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain) Conference, it was a blessed and very active day, but well worth it. We took a little stand and had the opportunity to network and meet new people, welcome if that’s you :-).

It really is amazing to see the way that God moves amongst others and those who work and support uC Grace, he simply wants the best for us and sometimes that’s really mind blowing. This week I took an evening out to go to a worship evening, which had lots of space where I could just move as I felt, very liberating and just what was needed.

A verse from Jeremiah has played over in my head since that evening –

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you,” declares the Lord…’

How often when we choose to seek God do we do it whole heartedly, to the point that we know God is right beside us, not 24/7 I bet. In the year to come, uC Grace will be trying to seek God 24/7 in all that it does.

In doing that we want to celebrate the work that God has already done and the impact and contact we have already made with young and old alike. We celebrate that we have been blessed with over 1000 interactions with children, young people and adults this year already (there are still 2 and half months to go!).

One those areas of celebration was the Dance, Drama and Craft camp we ran in the summer; something a little different to usual, to encourage use of different art forms. There was a great group of children that came, danced the socks off, got creative with marble painting, bandana making, acting and much more. This week’s Friday dance is a celebration of that and shares the little performance that they managed to put together at the end of the 3 mornings.

Remember to celebrate what happens, however big or small, seek God through that with your whole heart and always invite him into what you are doing.

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