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Standing on the Mountain Top: Never Once part one

TeachingPosted by Anna Mon, September 23, 2013 12:08:34

Welcome to post one in the Never Once series, come and join us and stand on the Mountain Top.

Standing on the Mountain Top

‘Lord, when you favoured me, you made my royal mountain stand firm…’ Psalm 30.7

Each of us is unique, that’s what the Bible says and that is true; because each of us are unique, each of us have something different to tell about our journey and our life story. Do you think you have a ‘good testimony’? What do you class as a good testimony? When there is a call at the front of church for people who may have testimony to share, do you shy away from it, think that you haven’t had that big, amazing moment that some people talk of therefore your testimony isn't ‘worthy’ enough to be shared? That’s so wrong, there is no one that said that testimony has to have a big WOW factor.

The essence of a testimony is celebrating what God has done, however big or small, it’s declaring when you accepted that God was a faithful God or when life was just all too much and you wanted to walk away. It can be praying for a parking space and you get one, it could be offering to help a friend that couldn't do things alone.

Your testimony is what you choose to make it. God always brings us from one place and takes us to the next; He will always take us further still.

Think about your testimony, where has God brought you from? These are some of the responses we got at the workshop:

Now, if you are someone who has flag, go and get it, if not grab a piece of free flowing material. Pick it up and start moving slowly around and watch how the material flares and moves. Is it a little or lot? Try moving at different speeds and watch the differences in what happens with the material. Begin to play with bigger/ exaggerated movements, using the whole body and different levels. Always keep focused on the material, not the movement.

Notice the effects that happen with the material, the rippling, flaring, crumpling and more. Our testimony can combine all of those things, each unique depending on how you move as an individual. God is the one that creates the ripples and waves in our testimony, he is always with us.

One lady made the comment, that even when you stand still, there is still an effect that is happening with the material.

Thank God, that you can stand on the mountain top and see where you have come from, there might be mist in the direction that you've got to go forward into, but remember that God is with you in all that is to come.

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