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TeachingPosted by Anna Mon, September 23, 2013 10:55:20
So what struck me over this weekend is how beneficial it would be to run some 'mini-series' on topics and teachings that I am not only delivering at the moment but also provide encouragement on dancing with children in worship dance and movement. Check out below a bit more information about the two mini-series planned so far...

This week we are looking at 'Never Once' our own personal journey about identifying and accepting that God is in all of our battles, we never walk alone and that he is a faithful God, worthy of being praised endlessly. This series comes off the back off the workshop we had on Friday for the September Living Colour SEED workshop, at Emmanuel Church. It was a great evening, with God moving, speaking and touching each person there. We are going to unpack some of what was done during the workshop. I challenge you to answer the questions that are posed and do the exercises.

Next week we are going to skim the surface about working with children in worship dance and movement. It really will be a skim the surface as there is so much to share, but we'll touch upon -
- igniting children's creativity
- interacting with children
- investing in children
These are all topics that we will look into practically at our training days we have planned for next year, sign up for our newsletter here to be the first to here more about this.

All that's left to say is -

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