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Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, September 20, 2013 18:06:03
Part of the delight of running uC Grace is working with many different sorts of people from lots of different backgrounds, with a complete range of skills, personalities and faith.

One of the first groups that I got alongside and began to mentor, to grow and develop was Deo Gloria, the dance group at Emmanuel Church, Guildford. Little did I know that when I made the connection with them in 2011 that 2 years later I would still have the delight of working alongside them and seeing their group grow from strength to strength.

When I came alongside them in 2011 I began working with them to choreograph a dance, but in a slightly different way to what they would normally do. It was a way of showing how to incorporate everyone's ideas into a dance by using different words and images to create movements as a form of layering.

Two years on, many of the ladies in the group have grown in their personal and corporate way of dancing in worship, that's why it's so exciting when they choose to host a Living Colour SEED Workshop. I'm grateful to them, their support and their new array of ideas that share.

This week's dance is the dance that Deo Gloria first danced with me working alongside them in 2011 to You Alone Can Rescue. Enjoy!!

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