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Hello! I’m Anna Gilderson a dancer, choreographer and teacher. With a passion for encouraging, growing and releasing others to have fun, be who they are and use their creativity.
Dance and movement is at the heart of what I do. It’s an excellent form of communication that crosses boundaries and cultures and talks about things that people may find hard to. I try to cross some of those boundaries in the work that I do.
Living Colour Creative is about my desire to develop, share and expand the work I do with uC Grace and my daily life. There are so many times in life where we let things pass us by, rather than realising what’s there! We should be expectant for the things to come, expectant that God will move.
My biggest passion is combining my love for dance and movement with my love for faith, challenging people’s journey’s, encouraging them to draw closer to God.

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Jesus You're my Great Adventure

Thought for the DayPosted by Anna Wed, September 11, 2013 13:23:04

Do you consider your life an adventure? Do you marvel at the twists and turns that it holds? Are you out the door like a shot when something new, different and unknown comes up? Would you close your eyes and just follow Jesus?

Did you answer yes to all those questions? Honestly? Truthfully? Good on you if you could, I can’t quite answer yes for all them, I want to, but I can’t. However, I now look on these questions in a different light, after hearing a very simple phrase.

Jesus you’re my great adventure…

Just sit and say that for a little while and let it soak in. JESUS is our great adventure. I don’t know about you, but I was blown away when I took on board what this was saying. It was one of those things where I heard it and did almost a double take, was that really what I just heard?!

Our lives as we know are not our own, we have chosen to follow Jesus and go where he goes. But sometimes along the way that just doesn't happen for various reasons. I wonder though, if you look on those moments when something new, different or unknown presents itself, do you look at it and gulp or look at it and smile because you know that Jesus is leading you into the adventure AND coming with you.

My perspective of how I take on new things and directions has changed from hearing, receiving and smiling at this phrase. Some of you know, my husband is in the RAF, and we are waiting for what I have called ‘D-Day’ (24th October) to find out where and when we go next. Whatever the result is could impact how I run uC Grace, so, I have to sit and smile (rather than get worried and upset) because I've chosen to follow Jesus and that means going where He wants me to go, even if right now I don’t know where that is or what that will entail. I'm in adventure!

Part of this adventure is appreciating the people that help me with uC Grace to discern the way forward. We had a 2014 planning meeting last week and it’s very exciting the adventure we believe God wants to take uC Grace on over the next year. The biggest adventure is, only God knows how it will happen!

So when you hear the phrase ‘Jesus you’re my great adventure’ don’t get bogged down in the mundane bits of life, the ‘how to’s’ and ‘what ifs’. Instead look at your relationship with Jesus and go on an adventure with it, that relationship is your life, therefore your life is a Jesus adventure!

Check out the song – Because of Your Love by Al Gordon

Be like a child, giggle, jump, smile and just do it!

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