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Thought for the DayPosted by Anna Wed, August 28, 2013 11:06:15

There is something that has really struck me this week as I have listened to more and more of the new praise and worship songs that are coming out over the past couple of months. They are filled with a yearning, a desperation, unlike I’ve not registered before. I don’t mean desperation in a negative way, but desperation to get to that holy place where it is just God and the singer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I'm not saying songs haven’t had that in the past, what I am saying is that there is something new awakening out there, something that is stirring in people like it hasn't stirred before. Imagine if you were an actor and the first role you get is as an extra, someone in the back ground, following the crowd. But the more confident you get, the more proficient you get, and the more passionate you get, and then the roles that you get given, begin to get bigger. It is your passion, your heart, your love and your drive that pushes you to get to that place, without that you’d simply stay as an extra.

Look back at songs of individual worship artists, they tell a story, a story of their walk with God, their pain, anger, triumphs and special times. As their journey has gone on more, their desire to get closer, fulfil the hunger and be in that Holy Place has become ever so much more important; important for them to get there, and important for them to impart to others, ways of getting there for themselves.

I find that there are songs that stir different emotions; there’s the…

· - Freedom fighting, ground reclaiming, heart pounding ones.

· - The softly, softly encouraging ones.

· - Or… mind nagging, heart pulling, hand raising ones.

And much more; all eliciting different responses depending on our walk in life, and where we are with God.

Words of any song should not be sung lightly, words are deep and meaningful. You can worship God in any situation, but think about what you are saying, and what the words may stir in you.

When I am consumed to dance for God, I am aware of no one else, apart from the presence of the Holy Spirit and God being right there. As a mover more than singer, it takes the singers with their songs and their desperate plea of drawing into Gods presence, to unleash my movement gates. If I'm at home, I will just move, but if I'm at church, I wait for that call to move, because when it comes I know that God is sending me in his power to do it. So I go.

That is easier said than done sometimes, when I was at Millmead I was comfortable, I knew my surroundings, people knew my movement and that I only went when prompted, it was safe. Now however, I'm not in that position, I'm at a new church, where I am still an ‘extra’ taking it all in, waiting for my call to go forward. I know it will come soon, and that is scary. Scary because not many people know me at this church, and there are a few more rules to moving than there were at Millmead, and it’s a very different environment!

So think about what stirs you, what songs mean to you, how you welcome God into your heart, how you take note of the words you are singing or moving to. Words of songs are both for the heart and about the heart.

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