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Dancing with Paint - experiment 1

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, August 23, 2013 17:36:52

So, for those that know, it was with much excitement that during Outrageous Grace at the end of July we got some paint and decided to dance with it. I’d never done this before and it was something that I was eager to try, and so were the group when they found out that they were going to have a chance at doing it.

I was able to get hold of large roll of paper from Hobbycraft and my good old Dad produced from his stash of goodies, plastic sheeting that I could lay down on the floor first. Paint (obviously!) was obtained, although not quite the colours expected as the shop had run out!

I had in my mind what I wanted to produce through moving and dancing with paint, however, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to get there! It was therefore going to be trial and error as to whether it would work or not.

With just the right amount of paper laid out on the floor I couldn’t resist not writing ‘God’s Great Dance Floor’ on the piece of paper. For our dance floor is wherever we walk, wherever we go, I hoped it would make people realise that whatever movements they produced were for God, on his floor and just what he wanted.

In terms of movement on the paper, I know that if some people saw a ‘blank canvases and had no guidance as to what to do, they would more than likely freak out or feel very vulnerable. Therefore in duos and trios I taught a very simple series of movements about being carried and trusted by God. From this starting point I asked the groups to embellish movements onto that they felt or wanted to be there. An identical sequence, very quickly changed into sequence that had individuality and meaning.

From there we simply took the movements and did the on the ‘dance floor’ with paint. It was all an experiment, a fun one at that, and something that everyone is keen to do again. We’ve called it experiment one!

With a desire to explore how we can paint stay on us for longer – it’s getting the balance between it being thick enough to stand out on the white so it’s not wishy washy, but runny enough to attach to the body so we can move with it and not have the feet get stuck. Different paper is also needed, something much thicker, a bit like wallpaper, as well as various props – sponges, brushes (large and small) and anything else.

We are very much looking forward to trying it again, so watch this space to see when experiment two may take place!

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