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God has a hand in these things

Thought for the DayPosted by Anna Wed, August 21, 2013 20:53:17

"The discovery of the effect dance can have on life, allows a person to uncap something that has been blocked. Resulting in an unceasing knowledge, that our God is unchanging, and eagerly desires to uncover and display his uncontrolled love for us."

No year, month, day or hour is ever the same, each one unique depending on the point you are at in your life and your walk with God. I have been running uC Grace for 3 and half years, it has not been plain sailing, it’s been hard work, with many obstacles. However, the outcomes always outweigh anything that may have got in the way, and remind me of why I do what I do.

uC Grace began in 2010 out of a desire to share what I know and my passion for dance in worship with others, young and old alike, three ‘strands’ of work developed – School, Community and Church; each individual, in what they did and how they served their particular audience. Schools encompassed curricular and extra-curricular activities; Community delivered regular creative classes and holiday activities; whilst in Churches I began to develop Living Colour.

Why Living Colour? As Christians we have the ability to be someone else, someone not of the norm, who has values and beliefs and wants to share them. Living Colour is about being that different person, having colour and standing out in the crowd in the way that God wants. Colour can bring life, hope, trust and love.

In the ups and downs of the Living Colour journey I can look back and see all that happened was right in Gods hands and how it was meant to be. That doesn’t mean it was easy. In the beginning I may have had no one turn up to workshops, or 10 one month and two the next.

As I look back on my journey of sharing my passion for dance in worship, I realise the way God brings us on a journey, drawing a picture, meandering us until we get to the point that he wants us at, holding us in his hands.

Sometimes we don’t see the outcomes of what happens in workshops or events that we run, we recognise that God has done something but don’t know the depth or magnitude. I recently received the following message on Facebook - ‘I've been meaning to let you are SO doing what I admire! I've been teaching a fitness class at my church to raise church funds for about a year now. I'd really like to develop it into a Praise Aerobics or Praise Dance-style activity. Would like to bring God into it. I've been putting off changing it, because I feel like I don't know how to do it. Watching your faith-dance videos helps and seeing some of the faith-based dance events that you post are nudging me in the right direction.’

Not only was it a great source of encouragement, but I didn’t even know this lady was a Christian, let alone made a note of the events I posted I was running. The dance work you do is bigger than you can possibly perceive, it isn’t measured in numbers, its measured in the seeds that are sown, in the way God puts his hand on your life, the way you teach, the way you share and the way you demonstrate.

In January this year Living Colour became Living Colour SEED (SEED standing for – Sharing Encountering Encouraging Dance) to identify that there was a new chapter in its journey, that supports, develops, trains and equips churches and people alike in the worship dance they wish to grow in.

Don’t ever put it in a box or a limit on it, keep your passion out in the open, allow questions, dreams, and friendships to develop.

‘Everyday people are the movers and shakers; they are the ones who bear testimony to the great events.’

Visit the uC Grace website to find out more about the other work uC Grace is up to and future Living Colour SEED workshops and events - Also there is the blog Living Colour Creative which encourages people on their journey with their own personal worship dance.

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