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Day 18 #30daysofgratitude

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Fri, September 19, 2014 16:49:13

To simply be grateful for the day may sound a little odd, but that is what I am grateful for. I'm grateful to have a day to sort and organise and enjoy back at home.

Sometimes days like that seem a bit tedious and boring, but maybe it’s because I'm getting that nesting sorting feeling, I enjoy sorting and just being. There were lots of bags to unpack and paper work to sort. I gave my shredder a really big workout, didn't quite get to the steam coming out of it stage which was good though! And lots of pieces of paper I hoard ‘just in case’ I was ruthless with.

Do you find that there are always things that you want to do or get done, but the reality of getting to that point of your list just seems further and further away? I'm not saying things that were on the bottom of my list got closer… because they didn't! However to do something completely not on the list was quite refreshing, and this day allowed me to do that.

It was also very exciting to hear from another family about how they had been doing their 30 Days of Gratitude.

My friend Fleur sent through this great picture of how they were adding all the things they was grateful for in their family, to a big tree; this has meant that the children have been involved as well.

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