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Day 16 #30daysofgratitude - Journeys.

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Fri, September 19, 2014 11:15:26

My gratitude’s at the moment seem to be having a common theme, maybe you can pick them out!

Today I am grateful for journey’s, and by that I mean the journeys that each of us go on in life, they are always very different and individual. I find this is something that I always know, but I fully grasp it when I am able to see it visually.

This evening at our Living Colour workshop we chatted about the imprints/ impacts of things in lives that can cause a response or change our journey in some way. So what we did was a bit whacky really and I am sure some of you could do this at home too!

I had loads of different colours of paint and a plain A4 sheet of paper. I encouraged the ladies that had come to think about a section of their life, today or the run up to it and to think about how the landscape of it was made up, how the day’s journey had gone. Journeys never go along a straight line A – B; there are always things that happen in between. So were there peaks and troughs, were they smooth or jagged. Was there a lot of stopping or staying in the same spot, was there some confusion?

It was fascinating to watch how each person’s picture developed, when we chatted afterwards some could articulate really well the different points in the picture where things happened, for others words couldn't describe it but the picture could. We did go on to transfer the picture into movement, but that’s to chat about another time.

We looked to see whether our individual journeys met up with anyone else’s along the way and whether that caused any change whilst we did it. What stood out for us was the fact that God puts people, obstacles, places and much more in our pathways for a reason, sometimes it’s really hard to see why that is, but God does know best. Our gratefulness should be for how God always stays with us on our journey and always wants the best for us no matter what.

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