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Living Colour Creative

Day 13 #30daysofgratitude - Passion

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Sun, September 14, 2014 22:00:24

Earlier in this season of gratitude we mentioned creativity; well today we are grateful for ‘Passion.’ I had such a privilege today of teaching and passing on to a group of dancers eager to learn, explore and grow in their dance. The day was all about growing and releasing the passion that they have inside.

We wanted to make them feel welcome in the space that they were working in. welcomed into Gods presence to move, ignite and share. The journeys that some of the dancers went on were so visible in their facial expressions and in their movements. It really was a blessed a day, you could say we finished it buzzing and excited at all the things God spoke to us about. The reality however is that we don’t really know the full extent of all the work that God did, that will outwork itself over time, and that really, is the exciting thing!

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