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Day 13 #30daysofgratitude - Passion

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Sun, September 14, 2014 22:00:24

Earlier in this season of gratitude we mentioned creativity; well today we are grateful for ‘Passion.’ I had such a privilege today of teaching and passing on to a group of dancers eager to learn, explore and grow in their dance. The day was all about growing and releasing the passion that they have inside.

We wanted to make them feel welcome in the space that they were working in. welcomed into Gods presence to move, ignite and share. The journeys that some of the dancers went on were so visible in their facial expressions and in their movements. It really was a blessed a day, you could say we finished it buzzing and excited at all the things God spoke to us about. The reality however is that we don’t really know the full extent of all the work that God did, that will outwork itself over time, and that really, is the exciting thing!

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Day 12 #30daysofgratitude - Philippians 2.15-16.

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Fri, September 12, 2014 17:17:08

Following on from yesterday’s gratitude of candles, today is a verse from the Bible that stands out to me as so important for the work that I do –

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.
Philippians 2.15-16

That image of shining like stars and being a beacon to the world of what you believe in, of Gods word, really holds strong in my mind.

As a Christian we have the ability the be someone different, someone who doesn't conform to ways of the world but instead shows the world a different way of doing things, of shining out as we do it.

Today on facebook there was an article circling around about Martha Collison, about, how at just 17 her priority is her faith, this is something that you can see radiates off of her when she’s on TV (she’s a contestant in the Great British Bake Off!) and the interview that Christian Today do with her makes for interesting reading.

I wonder do you shine your faith out? Do you hold onto Gods word without moaning or grumbling and seek to be blameless and pure? Maybe have a think over the weekend how you can keep being that star shining out like God wants you to?

You can read the Martha Collison article here.

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Day 11 #30daysofgratitude - Candles

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Fri, September 12, 2014 16:29:25

Thursdays gratefulness of candles might seem a little bit odd. But candles I find are things that relax, inspire and ignite.

There’s something very soothing about being in the atmosphere of a candles half-light, there isn't much that you can do apart from sit and take in the quiet atmosphere, the dancing shadows, the hiss of the wick as it burns.

Candles are all about burning and I find that the symbol of them helps us to think about the Holy Spirit, which can move in so many different ways. The Holy Spirit will burn for as long as it is needed, there will be times when the light may dim and we may find it hard to see, but there will also be times when it grows so bright we don’t know where to look. The difference between the fire of a candle and the fire of the Holy Spirit is that a candle can die out, but the Holy Spirit won’t. So don’t let your candle, your fire burn out, let it at least simmer away, so it’s always there supporting you and encouraging you just when you need it.

I mentioned that candles can inspire, well I find them inspiring, because I choose to see a new life in them, new possibilities of things to do and explore. When you think about how a candle is like the Holy Spirit igniting us on our way, giving us the energy and sustenance that we need, in the same way it inspires. It allows desires and things on our heart to grow and flourish into things we couldn't imagine.

Is there a fire in your heart? Is it burning? Are you letting it inspire you?

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Day 9 and 10 #30daysofgratitude - Friends and Flags

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Wed, September 10, 2014 22:22:43

The past two days it’s been great focusing back on some of the things I love. Yesterday I mentioned I was grateful for friends, both old and new. Today I’m grateful for flags!

Throughout all the seasons of my life where I have had to move about, make changes and dealt with a new chapter, I have had the privilege of being supported and surrounded by consistent friends. Without them I would of struggled, so I am grateful to have this network around me, but my gratefulness also goes to those new friends that I have managed to make along the way at each new place.

Last night I went along to a Lampshade making workshop with some of the lovely people I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know throughout my time up in Shawbury. The day seemed to be filled with nostalgia for old friends but thankfulness and gratitude for the new ones that I’ve met.

Today was gratefulness for flags. We still have that lovely sunshine, and with the dance day coming up on Saturday I needed to spend some time choreographing, since our living room is not big enough, the garden it was.

I always find it so refreshing to move outside, feel the wind and watch how God can move in different way. Having spent some time in the garden, I climbed into my car and drove to a place called Morton Corbet Castle just down the road. And, with my big rainbow streamer spent time worshipping in a different location, there were a few curious people that walked passed and wondered what I was up, but I just kept waving lots of colour about!!

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Day 8 #30daysofgratitude -Extra Time.

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Mon, September 08, 2014 18:29:42

This is a short and simple one today!

Although, I consider myself quite a creative person, my brain couldn’t work out how to take a picture of ‘extra time’ today! If anyone can, I would love to know how! But that is my gratefulness for today. I managed to get a little extra time to get myself going this morning, it came at just the right moment!

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Day 7 #30daysofgratitude - Sunshine.

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Sun, September 07, 2014 20:32:14

It’s always around this time of year, when the children head back to school and you might have the chance to enjoy the sun a bit more, that the weather can get more than a little iffy. Well, when I say iffy, what I mean is, the clouds roll in, the sun isn’t so bright and we have to more or less say goodbye to flip flops and shorts and hello to a proper jumper and shoes.

However to my delight over the past few days, the weather has held steady and been more than a little warm, and today we have had a lot of sunshine. One thing I love to do when the sun is out, is make the most of the garden, our chairs and table and sit outside to do the various things on my to do list.

Today I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do just that, we have been blessed by a lovely sized garden in Shawbury (which Im pretty sure we won’t get when we move again next) and it was great today to still be able to sit out just like in summer, have friends round and have some tea and cake (cake always has to feature!) and make the most of the late afternoon sun. Danny even had to get his sunglasses and I had to find a hat, it was that bright and that hot!

Now, as the sun is deciding to slowly slip away, I am still making the most of God’s wonderful creation, the sun and am sitting outside enjoying as much of the last rays as I can whilst I type this. Tomorrow I hit the ground the running, with my focus shifting to our next dance day, next weekend at Soul Survivor Watford with the lovely Jo Littledyke and our workshops happening in Guildford on the 15th and 16th September.

We’re at the end of the first week of 30 Days of Gratitude. How are you all doing? Are you finding time to acknowledge, share and pass on what you are grateful for?

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Day 6 #30daysofgratitude - Dance Day Participants.

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Sun, September 07, 2014 20:30:31

Today brought a very different Saturday to normal. Part of the work of uC Grace is delivering to other organisations and churches dance days and workshops, to fulfill different desires, plans, hopes and dreams.

Whilst based up in Shrewsbury I have had the privilege to get to know the team that runs the Midlands West region of CDFB (Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain). I was asked if I would develop and run a dance day for them along the theme of beauty. It was from this that Butterflies of Beauty came about and what I have been chatting about a bit over the past few weeks.

When I woke up this morning I was extremely tired and lacking in a lot of energy and not really sure how I was going to get through the day teaching and how the day that I had planned was going to be received.

On my phone I have a verse of the day appear, and I have to admit, I usually pass it by - not the plan I know, but it happens. However today I took the time to read it.

“ You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” Psalm 16.11

It gave me just the right amount of encouragement to get going with my day and set out with teaching the participants how each of them could flourish in the butterfly God had made them to be and let them fly.

Although a very exhausting day, it was a day filled with blessings, it was a delight to teach a group full of women and men and watch how God took each of them on journey of their faith, drawing them closer to Him and growing in depth as a dancer.

I really am grateful for the day, grateful to each person that came along and participated, through them God got me through the day. We lost a few members of the group as the day went on as they couldn’t do the full day, but the one’s in the picture are some of the one’s left at the very end. I am sure I will come back and talk a bit more about what when on in the day more specifically over the coming weeks, but for now I’ll just mention the participants and thank you.

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Day 5 #30daysofgratitude - The Cross.

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Fri, September 05, 2014 21:26:05

I think today’s picture says it all really. My gratitude is towards the cross, not just what Jesus did, because that is amazing and something to be completely grateful for, but more for all that it symbolises - faith, hope, love, forgiveness, grace to name a few things.

Todays picture was taken during our set up time for our dance day tomorrow in Shrewsbury - Butterflies of Beauty. There’s the red of forgiveness and the whiteness of purity, both are things which God gives to us freely.

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