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Psalm 121.

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Sat, May 31, 2014 19:29:21

Psalm 121 gives us a beautiful picture of how God wants to support us in our journey and encourages us to trust his guidance and plans. Each person will respond differently to the Psalm, but unlike the Armour of God that we used for last week’s Friday dance, this Psalm creates a much softer response for us to think about our journey.

During the Moving with a Strong Movement Foundation day we looked at two contrasting pieces of scripture to demonstrate the strength and softness of God and how moving to different pieces of scripture, can be interpreted and demonstrated in different ways.

I found it fascinating to watch how the duos (and one trio) set about to demonstrate what the Psalm meant. Most wanted to portray one person as God and the other, who was seeking to trust God with his guidance. For me it really did demonstrate how differently God speaks to each of us and sometimes just declaring something simple brings an incredible response.

I wonder where you feel you are with your journey at the moment, are you letting the softness of God into what may be quite a chaotic, upturned life? God says ‘He will not let your foot slip.’ So remember in a crazy life with lots going on, where things seem to run at a high speed, God wants you to remember he is there, he won’t let you fall, look up, follow him and allow his softness and who he is to shape your life.

Read Psalm 121, watch the video, let God speak and relax.

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Moving with Gods Armour.

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, May 23, 2014 17:48:22

We had a great dance earlier in May in some lovely space at Christ’s College Guildford; there were several new faces, some of which had travelled quite far to join us for the day which was even better.

Throughout the day we explored many different aspects of what the Bible says about movement and what it means to us. Part of the exercises was exploring the truth about the Armour of God and the significance and power that there is in actively putting it on, moving as an army and declaring Gods truth.

This week’s video is just a small snippet from the day (a full highlights video will follow shortly) that demonstrates the group exploring the Armour of God and some of the movements they made up in response to various aspects of the Armour.

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Dance Retreat Highlights.

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, May 02, 2014 15:07:56

One week on from the retreat and I have had the pleasure of reading the rest of the testimonies, evaluations and trawling through lots of photos and videos. So much happened for us to celebrate, in reality the photos and videos really don’t do it justice. But hopefully they capture enough to give you all an idea of the journey that went on.

We’ll never fully know the depth of how God worked in each person, lots of seeds may have been sown, but when they choose to flower is all in Gods timing.

We began the weekend exploring the Stepping Stones of truth, specific things that God says to us from the Bible. Before moving on to put the things behind us that can cause a hindrance and standing on Gods cornerstone. Other areas we explored were, Gods love, praying, painting and moving, refreshing our dry bones, wearing Gods crown, plaiting prayers into one strong strand. As well as the opportunity to dance outside, around the centre and have quiet time in a prayer room.

Another retreat is on the cards but in 2016, we hope you can join us on that journey, but, before then enjoy this years highlights.

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Prayer Storm

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, April 18, 2014 10:58:34

Prayer Storm.

It’s Good Friday! Whilst working out what video I should do for today, I couldn't quite make my mind up. I haven’t had the time to create a dance that would give the meaning of today justice, and I also didn’t have any spare footage that I could put something together with. Then I came across the video below and I knew that’s what I had to include and talk about.

I find it amazing how people use technology to communicate; yes sometimes we can be bound by technology and the need to always be on our phones, tablets, computers etc. But also technology allows us to get a powerful message across. As I watched this video I was curious as to who had made it and followed the link to the Prayer Storm website.

I'm pretty sure I've heard of Prayer Storm before, but never looked up any information about it. As I begin to have a nose around the sight, I recognised that God was starting to speak to me. This week I've been offered a job on the RAF Shawbury base as a sessional youth worker. Going back to grass roots shall we say, and when I was telling a friend earlier in the week, she spoke about how God brings us full circle sometimes.

I began in youth work and from youth work uC Grace began, although I had always maintained contact with young people, the nitty gritty youth work or meeting with a group of people week in and week out I hadn't done for a long time. I have to admit I am bit daunted about going back into it, but when that’s all that’s been given up here, I have to accept that God has a plan in it.

Prayer Storm in a nutshell is a movement of radical worship and intercession crying out to God for a great awakening in our City and Nation (they are based in Manchester). They believe that intercession is more caught than taught and their events act as a catalyst for young people to capture a new zeal for prayer.

There is short video on there where James Aladiran talks about how Prayer Storm came about and has developed since 2009. As I sat and listened I was reminded about what I had written on the website about what my heart was and why I was doing what I doing –

Anna's prayer is that people are impacted, educated, and aware of the love God has for them, and that we can be a passionate, creative, praying generation that seeks to serve God and eagerly step out to do new things. For just, by one stepping out, it can create a chain reaction for others to follow.

It made me smile, it made me really recognise that God does bring things full circle, and the next season of my life and uC Grace may involve young people more or it may not. But I am excited to know what is ahead. Sometimes I get so caught up in life that I feel my prayers don’t really happen, but the heart of it is that I will continue to be passionate about prayer, passionate about dance and prayer, and passionate about developing a generation that want to do the same.

You can read more about Prayer Storm here - and if you are about and want to head to one of their events. Let me know!


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Lifted UP

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, April 11, 2014 16:04:19

Lifted UP.

When many of you put together dances for church, the congregation that you will be sharing with are usually on the flat, so their ability to view movements can be restricted, and it is useful to think of ways that this could be alleviated. Whilst I recognise that this isn’t the case for all churches, for the majority it is.

At the end of last year I headed along to one of Deo Gloria’s rehearsals. Deo Gloria is an associate SEED of Living Colour, meaning it was an established group before we were asked to come along and provide help and guidance to those that were in it. This was initially a short term thing, but we have had to privilege to stay part of their journey and join together on many different projects and performances.

The particular week that I went along they wanted to identify a different lift that they could incorporate into the dance. This was not only to add a different layer to the dance, but to also offer something to see for members of the congregation that were further back in the church and may not be able to see all the movements.

We decided to work on a Tilt Lift (that’s not a technical name, just a name that I have given it for ease of teaching) that concentrates on the transfer of weight to achieve the lift rather than strength.

So let’s break it down how you could do it for yourself:

· - A = person on the left and B = person on the right

· - Stand with your feet in parallel, hip width apart and a natural bend in the knees.

· - Connect the inside hips.

· - A, take Bs right arm and place around shoulders, then place your right hand on top.

· - A place left hand around Bs waist. B has the option to reinforce that hold by placing their left hand on top of As left or leave it free.

· - Both of you bend your knees further and transfer your weight to the left side.

· - Then A, using the connection on Bs hip, the inside hips, and stepping and transfer weight onto the right side.

· - Pull Bs weight sideways, give a gentle thrust of the hip to the left, and the amount that you tilt your back helps the height that B can go.

· - Be sure to control how your bring B down, try and maintain a straight line and don’t drop them inwards.

· - Make sure B has completely landed before you let go. The movement will generate a natural rock for A.

Things to bear in mind when doing the tilt –

· - B needs to use their core muscles to help A, and make every effort to stay inline and not drop left shoulder and hip forward.

· - B should try bending their inside leg and having their outer leg straight.

· - Bs left arm shouldn’t be an afterthought, take it up into the air as you are tilted, along with the left leg, it will help you to remain stable and generate more height.

The biggest thing to remember is to have fun whilst you are doing it, use your core, bend the knees and transfer the weight. Getting into a rhythm when you are doing it helps when you may be struggling to generate the height on the lift that you wanted.

Have a play and enjoy your weekend!

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Because of Your Love

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, April 04, 2014 16:13:55

Because of Your Love.

I had so much fun making this dance in March at the last Living Colour SEED workshop. We were small in number but we decided to spend some time looking at Ephesians 3.16-19 and celebrate the fact that no matter where we are or what we are doing God’s love transcends all that is going on. What made this dance so enjoyable was the lovely space that Hannah had got for us at the university, high ceilings, large studio with mirrors, a fantastic opportunity that we really took hold of.

Participants at the dance retreat will have opportunity to learn this dance and get involved with moving and dancing in response to the love that God has for us. Moving with a flag brings freedom, moving with flags in a large open space where there are no restrictions gives even more freedom than you realise.

So enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

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Developing your Movement Bank

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Sat, March 29, 2014 18:36:00

Developing your movement Bank.

Back in January we had the wonderful pleasure of teaching our first training day, it seems a long time ago now, but it’s only now I am having a chance to go over some of the lovely pictures and dancing that was done. The training day was just a week after my operation, so it was with a grateful heart that I had the wonderful Hannah Luke to help lead and demonstrate for me when needed.

The aim of the day was to give everyone lots of different flavours of how they can generate new movement, or sustain old. We considered the fact that part of growing and developing the skills and passion that you have requires you to remain focused on the task as hand – moving and dancing for God – moving as righteously as possible.

We explored ‘building blocks’ that help you create movement quickly and easily when you get stuck, there were 4 specific areas we looked at – working with the floor, jumping, travelling and linking movements together.

After this the focus shifted to how the participants could devise movement using specific stimuli, this might be auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, tactile or ideational. The participants decided on their stimulus/ stimuli for their dance and created a motif. A motif is a sequence of actions or movements which can be developed in different ways, they generally consist of 6 basic actions; travel, balance/ stillness, jump, turn, gesture and fall.

From this point the development of the dances were very much up to the individual. We highlighted different choreographic devices – ways that you could expand or change the movement you already whilst still keeping the underlying motif – and encouraged participants to develop their motif taking into account some choreographic devices.

This week’s Friday’s dance is highlights from some participants dances, each one had meaning in their own right and was interpreted and choreography differently. I’ve highlighted below what some of the participants looked at. But remember, when you get to the brick wall, or dry place and think you are just doing the same movement all the time, the simplest couple of ways to change it initially is the level – so high, medium or low – and the front or direction that is travelling in.

Lauren – Isaiah 43.19: “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a path through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

Pam – as we go through stormy waters, there is a golden thread from heaven, hold onto it as you go through tough times.

Diane – Proverbs 3.5-6; “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.”

Crystal – Proverbs 3.5-6; “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.”

Lizzie – Used a piece of material as a comfort blanket and Psalm 34.18; “The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

Join us for next dance days –

Saturday 10th May –Moving with a Strong Foundation @ Christ’s College, Larch Avenue, Guildford.

Saturday 13th September – Sharing a Passion, Generating Creativity @ Soul Survivor Watford, Hertfordshire

Get in touch for more info.

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Relentlessly Pursuing

Friday's DancePosted by Anna Fri, March 21, 2014 18:40:12

Relentlessly Pursuing – 21.03.2014.

To kick off the year in January our Living Colour SEED workshop explored the theme of the vine and branches, how we are connected as individuals and how we can be connected to God.

John 15.4Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

Growing and developing with God requires us to be prepared to be cut back, pruned and be willing to embrace and seek new beginnings. Part of the workshop involved exploring how we can use each other as a support for this.

Participants thought about what place they would like to get to with their faith or life, or how they would like to feel this year. The rest of the group created a series of movements that enabled the participant to get that place, or emotion, and then drew the participant into the image.

I wanted to encourage the participants that what they feel or is going on in their life does matter and that people around them can support them, and through that support you can grow closer to God.

In life we can’t just give up when it gets tough, you need to keep pursuing, and be relentless about it.

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