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OUTRAGEOUS Grace Dance intensive

Workshops and EventsPosted by Anna Tue, July 02, 2013 10:35:38

When planning new workshops or classes I find I hit a blockage when I originally set out. It’s like the world is your oyster or a thousand grains of sand and you have to somehow pick one grain (or two) from the many to focus the class or workshop on. But once you've captured that one grain of sand, ideas, activities, images start to flow.

But digging behind this layer, before you even get to decide the topic, there are always vision and values attached to how and why you work the way that you do.

As you may have guessed ‘grace’ is key at uC Grace! We try to challenge the perception of grace and recognise that each individual’s view of grace may, and can be different. Similar to this is how Living Colour challenges how we can bring different colour into other people’s and our own lives through how we live and move - being that shining star factor the Philippians 2 talks about.

The result is that this ethos of grace and colour, have become intertwined in how Living Colour and uC Grace function, and therefore form the foundation of anything that we run. The past couple of months I've been really challenged about grace, challenged in terms of how I portray it in the work that I do and consequently making sure that it sits as a top priority.

Grace is sometimes viewed as a very flimsy word or action, but there is so much strength and power behind it. A line from a song that’s been in my head (you might be realising that a lot of songs get in my head!) says ‘Your Grace is enough, more than I need, at your word I will believe.’

Grace isn’t just about being kind to people, although that helps! Instead it’s about having faith, trusting, stepping forward, holding on and walking and doing the unexpected or being outrageous.

Would you say there is something outrageous in your life right now? Would you be willing to be outrageous with what you believe and do? When looking up the definition or meaning of outrageous it regularly comes back to the word extravagant.

So at our adult intensive this summer we are going to look at OUTRAGEOUS Grace, the outrageous grace of our Father and what that means. It will be exciting, it will be challenging, it may be tiring, but it will be worth it! So why don’t you come and challenge yourself just that little bit more, even if you've never moved before.

The discovery of the effect dance can have on life, allows a person to uncap something that has been blocked. Resulting in an unceasing knowledge that our God is unchanging, and eagerly desires to uncover and display his uncontrolled love for us.

Monday 29th July | Tuesday 30th July | Wednesday 31st July

Including an outdoor workshop during Tuesday 30th (weather dependant)

For more information check out -

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Before the throne of Grace: Faithfulness

Workshops and EventsPosted by Anna Mon, May 27, 2013 18:10:08
'Lord I come before your throne of Grace

I find rest in your presence

And fullness of life.'

Taking a well known song, or even a lesser well known song can provide inspiration for devising a workshop or dance. This can be especially useful when you are not sure where your starting point maybe for planning.

'Lord I come before your throne of Grace,' is a song predominantly about faithfulness and God being with you in the rough times. Dancing to it can be about wanting to declare that God is/ was in control in those times where you've struggled to find how faithfulness could fit in with Gods plan at that time.

Working with this song is about exploring what is raw on your heart, and saying that faithfulness takes precedence to trust that God is big enough to deal with what comes out, that might be any of the following and more - pain/ sadness/ hurt/ despair/ happiness/ hope/ anger/ love etc.

What we do with our hands or feet or where we walk is important, you can't compartmentalise your private and spiritual life. They are as one, therefore when we consider what we need to have faithfulness for it's not just what applies to our spiritual/ church life, you need to look at it as whole, taking every aspect of your life in.

A possible way of exploring such things with this song, could be along these lines


Where do you feel you are in your relationship with God at the moment?

Where would you like to be with your relationship to God?

Create a movement for each one - lock it away

Hand out lyrics for the song

Create movements which can work in a duo for verse one; think about one person being God, make sure each person knows each part, so they can swap over if they wish.

Chorus - remember the two movements created at the beginning.

Find a way of linking the two movements together; think of levels, different body parts and travelling.

This is the individuals time to really draw close to God

Divide the participants up into slightly larger groups (3/4s etc).

Assign a Bible to verse to each group that would demonstrate elements of Verse 2 and Verse 3 and ask them create 3/4 movements – doesn't have to be long, they should know the beat/ speed of the song by this point.

Draw all the elements together into the whole song. It may be nice to split the group into two so people can share the movements they have created.


It needs to be understood, that this is a skeleton outline of a workshop and may need some additional padding out.

But be creative and get your dancers thinking!!!

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Deo Gloria to host Living Colour SEED - 17th May

Workshops and EventsPosted by Anna Tue, May 07, 2013 17:50:54
Well what a stunning bank holiday weekend. I couldn't help but marvel at the amazing things of creation that become that much clearer when the sunshine shows itself. I find that when the sun comes it almost forces people to slow down, step outside, see friends and family and take time out.

Beautiful greens are showing all over the place in lots of different ways. Taking account of colour in life is so important. Green is an indication of new beginnings and revelation, a time of flourishing, to name just a few things.

Living Colour workshops are the opportunity to explore some of those colour moments and what they may mean. The next session on the 17th May is being led by the dance group at Emmanuel Church - Deo Gloria.

With Pentecost just around the corner, this will be chance to explore it using dance and movement, as well as look as some more of the lovely colours that God gives us.

So go on explore the colours around you and see what new beginnings and flourishing things you can see.

Details of the workshop are as follows -

Friday 17th May

8 - 9.30pm


Emmanuel Church, Shepherd Lane, Guildford, Surrey.

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