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It's not the end...completely

PhotosPosted by Anna 01 Aug, 2013 19:12:43
Our community classes finished with a bang at the beginning of July with a fantastic dance party, presentations and a few good munchies! It's been lovely to see so many of the children grow in lots of different ways. It's sad to think that we will not be seeing them on a weekly basis from September.

However that is not the end completely as there is something else in the pipeline which is equally exciting called Moving Rainbows.... still for all the same ages as before - under 5s, 5-7s and 8-11s, but even better!

They will run on a monthly basis, the second Monday of each month, still at the QE Park centre. Workshops will be a combination of dance and craft and run on a Christian basis.

To check out some of the other photos from the party visit the gallery here.

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