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Dance Retreat Highlights 2014

VideosPosted by Anna 06 May, 2014 08:50:08
Our video with highlights from the Treasure and Truth Dance Retreat the last weekend in April 2014 at King's Park Conference Centre is now available for you to check out. Enjoy!

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Enormous Crocodile Dance Day

VideosPosted by Anna 07 Jun, 2012 15:47:29

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Easter Story Dance Day

VideosPosted by Anna 07 Jun, 2012 15:46:13

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Letting go...

VideosPosted by Anna 07 Mar, 2012 08:04:45

It's always great when you have the opportunity just to let go and dance. At the end of February that is exactly what we did at Deo Gloria. At the moment we are working on a dance to 'I Can only Imagine', but we got to a point where we felt we just needed to play the music, move in the spirit and see what happened. That's what the snapshot below is about.

When we move... we will experience God's power...

So enjoy!

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Dance in the Christingle Service

VideosPosted by Anna 14 Jan, 2012 20:32:31

On the 17th December - Guildford Baptist Church led a Christingle Service where the children and adults were able to build their Christingle during the service, exploring the meaning of what makes up the Christingle based on different activities.
Anna led the section on 'ribbon' and how it is a symbol of Gods love encircling the world. This was explored by inviting the children down to the front to learn a dance and then lay their ribbons at the cross.
Enjoy and be blessed!
'For in him we LIVE and MOVE and have our being' Acts 17.28

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Breath of Heaven by Deo Gloria

VideosPosted by Anna 10 Jan, 2012 13:48:54

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Joyful Joyful Performance Video

VideosPosted by Anna 22 Dec, 2011 13:29:26

Check out the performance below of Joyful JOyful filmed at 'Celebrate the Promise' at Guildford Baptist Church, Sunday 18th December 2011.

Well done ladies you did a superb job, was great working with you :-)

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