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Living Colour Creative

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Hello! I’m Anna Gilderson a dancer, choreographer and teacher. With a passion for encouraging, growing and releasing others to have fun, be who they are and use their creativity.
Dance and movement is at the heart of what I do. It’s an excellent form of communication that crosses boundaries and cultures and talks about things that people may find hard to. I try to cross some of those boundaries in the work that I do.
Living Colour Creative is about my desire to develop, share and expand the work I do with uC Grace and my daily life. There are so many times in life where we let things pass us by, rather than realising what’s there! We should be expectant for the things to come, expectant that God will move.
My biggest passion is combining my love for dance and movement with my love for faith, challenging people’s journey’s, encouraging them to draw closer to God.

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Putting creativity and movement at the heart of faith.
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Day 11 #30daysofgratitude - Candles

30 Days of GratitudePosted by Anna Fri, September 12, 2014 16:29:25

Thursdays gratefulness of candles might seem a little bit odd. But candles I find are things that relax, inspire and ignite.

There’s something very soothing about being in the atmosphere of a candles half-light, there isn't much that you can do apart from sit and take in the quiet atmosphere, the dancing shadows, the hiss of the wick as it burns.

Candles are all about burning and I find that the symbol of them helps us to think about the Holy Spirit, which can move in so many different ways. The Holy Spirit will burn for as long as it is needed, there will be times when the light may dim and we may find it hard to see, but there will also be times when it grows so bright we don’t know where to look. The difference between the fire of a candle and the fire of the Holy Spirit is that a candle can die out, but the Holy Spirit won’t. So don’t let your candle, your fire burn out, let it at least simmer away, so it’s always there supporting you and encouraging you just when you need it.

I mentioned that candles can inspire, well I find them inspiring, because I choose to see a new life in them, new possibilities of things to do and explore. When you think about how a candle is like the Holy Spirit igniting us on our way, giving us the energy and sustenance that we need, in the same way it inspires. It allows desires and things on our heart to grow and flourish into things we couldn't imagine.

Is there a fire in your heart? Is it burning? Are you letting it inspire you?

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